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We believe that 'your success is our success' and this ethos drives our approach. We work in partnership with clients to develop business solutions that address their business needs and deliver enhanced business performance whatever your business environment or context.

By exploring, identifying and addressing the clients needs we develop and deliver a unique service proposition that our clients truly value. Our approach is bespoke to the clients needs and designed to deliver real value.


Change Management

The demand for change in business has never been greater than it is today. How has this come about? Why does what was good practice in the past not still hold good? Are we rushing into change for change’s sake? How do we know it is going to be any better? And for how long? We have made all these grand changes on the past and they did not make any difference. No sooner will we have made change than we will have to change again. Besides, what are we changing from and to? These are the anxieties of many who are threatened by the inevitable plethora of uncertainties, but they are also very valid questions, the answers to which we need to understand if we are going to manage change well. John Whitmore

At Blue Ptarmigan we work with our clients to understand and address these anxieties and opportunities, to develop a change programme that is unique to their situation and operating context, which delivers on its business goals and objectives. In particular, we focus on:

  • Organisational Resources/Capability

  • Organisational Processes

  • Organisational Values/Culture

These three factors overlap to greatly enable or inhibit an organisations capacity to change.

‘You must be the change you wish to see on the world’ and any successful change programme requires everyone to reflect on what it means to them. Gandhi


Commercial Leadership

Extraordinary times demand extraordinary leadership; the one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is certain or unchangeable. Looking for clues from the past on how to navigate this new norm is proving useless and "off the shelf" solutions simply no longer prepare organisations for what lies ahead. In the traditional world a good product coupled with a good management team was sufficient to ensure success. But in today's ever changing and uncertain market place they are no longer enough on their own. If ever there was a time for leadership to set the vision, instill confidence and growth it is now.

We believe that the best leaders develop a unique blend of approaches from the North American theoretical models and delivery focus, to the Far East ideas of mindfulness and inner focus to the European ideals of cooperation and team.

Key to the delivery of any great strategy or initiative is:

  • The Leaders 'self awareness' and the shadow they cast.

  • The 'trust' a leader can develop within their organisation. 

  • The Leader's capability to embed a performance 'culture'.

Self awareness, Trust and Culture enable so much and the leadership development work that Blue Ptarmigan develops and delivers is based on the many behaviours and practices that develop these in an organisation. We focus on both ‘what’ the organisation/ department or team want to achieve as well as ‘how’ they will achieve their goals so that businesses can unlock their potential and unleash growth.

At Blue Ptarmigan we believe there is no perfect leadership style and that the often-quoted ‘great leaders’ were in the right place, at the right time with the right temperament.  Our ethos is to develop a leadership approach whereby the individual business leader has both the skills and expertise to adapt their approach to the situation, culture and operating context. This enables the leader to provide consistency in how they treat others, react and plan but that consistency is determined by a number of their behaviours, not produced by a rigid application of a model or template.

‘Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other’. John F Kennedy.


Business/ Executive Coaching

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance, it is about enabling them to learn rather than teaching them.

High performers are people who simply learn faster.

We learn faster when we pay attention and see the world for what it truly is, not for what it should have been. Learning then becomes more a function of awareness and clarity of thinking than instruction from a boss or expert; it is about applying what already exists within us. However, often the more pressure an individual feels for results, the more paralysed they become as their inner voices of ‘doubt, fear and unexamined assumptions’ cloud their ability to see the ‘wood from the trees’. Our approach to coaching focuses on the individual and how they can use awareness, focus and belief to enhance both their own and their business’s performance.

Timothy Gallway’s, Inner Game formula summaries this nicely.

              P = p – i

Performance = potential - interference

A paradigm shift we often see is clients telling us that the biggest threat to their business is what is in their ‘unchallenged inner voice’ rather than the competitor down the road, who they can learn from and use to stretch their thinking and approach.

Blue Ptarmigan, specialises in delivering both individual leadership coaching sessions and wider coaching programmes.

Our individual coaching sessions are tailored to the clients needs and typically involve monthly one to one sessions for as long as both of us feel they are adding value to the individual.

Our Coaching programmes are based on individuals attending workshops where we explore what coaching is all about. The programmes are experiential and include practical approaches to enable the attendees to see and experience quick improvements in performance.


Business Improvements

There is always a better way, we never stop learning and when we learn we realize that we can create a better way of doing. Everyday, week and month we should be looking at how we can make our systems, processes and decision making simpler, more efficient, quicker and most importantly more effective.

At Blue Ptarmigan we have a wealth of experience in improving business systems and processes to deliver enhanced customer experience, profit improvements and business growth.


System Four

System-Four is a unique, but simple business improvement methodology. The approach uses the collective intelligence of your people to find quick solutions to complex issues. The benefits of using System-Four:

  • When staff take ownership of issues they are more committed to any actions and on going decision-making
  • System-Four encourages trust based leadership
  • Your staff are less competitive and more collaborative when they are working towards joint goals
  • System-four focuses on a collective clarity of purpose, cutting time and your resources
  • Several people deciding together make better decisions than one person alone
  • System-four quickly and collaboratively highlights the business priorities
  • System-four enhances discretionary effort and intrinsic motivation

Insights are harvested continuously, culminating with meaningful, purposeful and cost effective actions.


Business Continuity Planning 

Mark led the Boots UK Business Continuity planning for the London 2012 Olympics to great effect, with the result that the business achieved its sales and profit targets by ensuring that the customer experience was not only not impacted by the Olympics but was actually enhanced.


Guest Speaking

Mark is also available for guest speaking at Seminars, Conferences and Business Schools particularly on Change Management, Commercial Leadership, Business Continuity Planning, Retail and Healthcare.


And finally 'your success is our success' …

We never forget that your business is our business and that we can only succeed if you do and so our belief that 'your success is our success' drives our approach.  We truly value developing working relationships based on trust and where people feel confident to recommend us in the future.

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