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The more curious you are the more possibilities arise.


Ask more questions give less answers. more»

Accept, Adapt and Act


Resilience in action. Want to know more? more»

You're living a lie.


New article out today click the link. more»

Success and Diversity


There is a direct correlation between business success and having a diverse leadership team. more»

Being human is being a leader.


When did you last laugh at yourself? more»

General election on 8th June


Proof that our world mainly oscillates between order and chaos. Want to know how to better adapt? more»

Do you see yourself as one of the masses or unique with distinctive value?


The best thing you can do is get good at being you. more»

Personal resilience = Delegation.


Effective delegation is the best indicator of effective management simply because it is so fundamental for growth. more»

Is it me... or do leaders not exist to lead in times of uncertainty?


Brexit, referendums and Trump is life. more»

Yet again yesterday this question came to mind.


How do you know that to be true? The stories we tell ourselves. more»

To stay ahead you need to master process and leave content to others.

Focus on 'how' you do things not 'what' you are doing.

If it was easy everyone would be doing it well...

Go into the ugly zone and make it happen.

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